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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Circumcision is OK for boys but not girls?

Male circumcision is celebrated while female is illegal

Published 17 May 2018

Jewish and Muslim communities are braced for the impact of a landmark ruling

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How Home Office prevents FGM

Home Office answers MP’s question on FGM

Published 16 May 2018

This is what the British Government considers to be effective

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Male circumcision -arguments

Head to Head on Male Circumcision

Published 14 May 2018

As Iceland drops the proposed ban on male circumcision,

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Bristol's FGM Model

Bristol’s discriminatory FGM Safeguarding Model to be reviewed

Published 10 May 2018

Somali Parents Against Stigma (SPAS) second meeting in Bristol

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Kenya battles FGM

Nine reasons why Kenya might be losing the fight against FGM

Published 3 May 2018

Today marks three years since I actively joined the #EndFGM movement in Kenya, writes Lorna Andisi*.

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