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Ethnography and FGM storytelling

Hidden Voices: The importance of ethnography in FGM storytelling

Published 20 February 2019

Sara Johnsdotter 

An extraordinary meeting was held in London on 15 February 2019.

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Scrap Operation Limelight

Operation Limelight must be scrapped

Published 11 September 2018

Despite that officials consider the overall impact of Operation Limelight limited,

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Parental rights and child circumcision

Female Circumcision: Consent and Parental Rights

Published 21 February 2018

Parents’ rights to consent for their children

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Pitying victims of FGM/C

FGM/FC: A civilising mission?

FGM and freedom

Don't shout at the telly. Feminism

Feminism is divisive and needs to be confined to history

Published 13 November 2015

WORLDbytes* volunteers hear the case against feminism

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FGM witch hunt

FGM campaigns

Fear, loathing and FGM

Published 12 July 2015

Intense efforts have been made over the past few years

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FGM Mandatory reporting

Mandatory reporting of FGM is a bad idea

Published 23 May 2015

The Home Office introduced a mandatory reporting duty

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