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Does the WHO undermine Religious Freedom & Gender Equality?

WHO undermines Religious Freedom and Gender Equality?

Published 19 August 2019

A federal judge in Detroit has dismissed six charges of FGM,

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Female Circumcision Sierra Leone

Controversy over Female Circumcision in Sierra Leone

Published 19 June 2019

The smouldering controversy over the illegality of female circumcision in Sierra Leone

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Communities harmed by FGM panic

FGM panic is harming minority communities

Published 9 April 2019

In February, the Conservative MP for Christchurch, Christopher Chope,

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cultural boundaries FGC

Guilty until proven innocent

FGM investigations

Anti-FGM investigations ‘discriminatory and undermining’, say parents

Published 7 June 2018

Bristol Somali parents feel they are being unfairly targeted

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Circumcision is OK for boys but not girls?

Male circumcision is celebrated while female is illegal

Published 17 May 2018

Jewish and Muslim communities are braced for the impact of a landmark ruling

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Kenya battles FGM

Nine reasons why Kenya might be losing the fight against FGM

Published 3 May 2018

Today marks three years since I* actively joined the #EndFGM movement in Kenya.

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FGM narrative must move on

Role Police Courts FGM Trials

Review of UK FGM investigations and trials

Published 9 April 2018

The role of the criminal justice system in prosecuting allegations of FGM:

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