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Quilliam extremism

'Let's protect our girls'

Let’s protect our girls – from the FGM industry

Published 6 Oct 2018

Despite the paucity of evidence to indicate that FGM is happening in Britain,

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FGM NHS data

FGM data being misquoted to mislead public

Published 15 Sep 2018

In Sky TV News’ film clip about the mythical FGM ‘cutting season’

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Educate or abuse children?

The FGM industry’s abuse of children must end. FULL STOP!

Published 16 Jul 2018

I was horrified at what I consider the abuse of primary school children who performed at the recent 2018 FGM Conference.

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Alienating parents through FGM safeguarding

Safeguarding shouldn’t mean alienating: parents criticise FGM investigations

Published 12 Jun 2018

There’s growing discontent among sections of the Bristol Somali community

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How Home Office prevents FGM

Home Office answers MP’s question on FGM

Published 16 May 2018

This is what the British Government considers to be effective

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Bristol's FGM Model

Bristol’s discriminatory FGM Safeguarding Model to be reviewed

Published 10 May 2018

Somali Parents Against Stigma (SPAS) second meeting in Bristol

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Bristol conflict of interest

Evangelical approach to FGM

Zac Goldsmith FGM expert

Zac Goldsmith, an authority on FGM?

Published 14 Feb 2018

Earlier today, BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour

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