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FGM data error

FGM figures have decreased not increased

Published 10 Dec 2018

‘Female genital mutilation cases more than double in a year in UK’ reported a Guardian headline, incorrectly, 30 November 2018.

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House of Lords and FGM

The Lords should challenge, not indulge, FGM rhetoric

Published 1 Oct 2018

The FGM discussion in the House of Lords in July 2018

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Professionals not making enough FGM referrals

Police blame professionals for few FGM referrals

Published 14 Jul 2018

That FGM is still being carried out in the UK falsely informed most presenters’ outlook

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Barnardo's & NSPCC FGM

Damaging FGM propaganda from Barnardo’s and NSPCC

Published 21 Jun 2018

To survive, charities need to be seen to be trustworthy and relevant.

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Female circumcision -myths/facts

Myths and Facts on Female Circumcision

Published 4 Jun 2018
The website, Female Circumcision, wades into this fraught field to separate the wheat from the chaff.
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FGM Scotland

How effective is Scotland’s funded FGM related work?

Published 16 Apr 2018

The Scottish government spends £2,200,000 on FGM related work

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FGM hype

FGM England

‘FGM’ is not being practiced in the UK

Published 6 Dec 2017

Good news is reflected in the latest quarterly FGM report

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FGM report 2016-17

Still no UK FGM epidemic

Published 7 Jul 2017

Commentators often ask in bewilderment

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Basis female circumcision

The Islamic basis for female circumcision

Published 3 Jul 2017

Millions of women around the world are circumcised.

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