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90% +of ‘FGM’ seen in NHS was genital piercing in adults

UK FGM Law, Prosecutions, Convictions, Protection Orders, Mandatory Reporting

FGM Law, Trials, Prosecutions, Convictions, Protection Orders and Mandatory Reporting

Published 14 May 2024


Until the 1980s, FGM was widely known in English as “female circumcision”,

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FGM: charges and prosecutions

FGM: charges and prosecutions 2018-2022

Published 17 October 2023

FOI request to CPS October 2023: ‘I am writing to make an information request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

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The NHS should not adopt One FGM Question

The NHS should not adopt One (FGM) Question

Published 18 September 2023

Nursing Times ran a survey in July and August 2023 in partnership with an FGM charity, The Vavengers.

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FGM trial Ireland

Ireland and FGM

Published 19 July 2023

Ireland’s first conviction for FGM is being re-tried

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FGM in England continues to be genital piercings

Adult genital piercings are still reported as FGM

Published 3 July 2023

Contrary to popular opinion, women who’ve had genital piercings, voluntarily, as adults, in the UK, are reported by the NHS to have undergone FGM.

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Fifteen year old case of FGM to be tried

Tens of thousands of UK girls not at risk of FGM

The anti-FGM campaign -Islington

The dangers of the anti-FGM campaign

Published 13 March 2021

In the London borough of Islington last month, the police

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Historic FGM only seen in under 16's

New advisor missed opportunity to celebrate FGM decline UK

Published 13 October 2020

The International Day of the Girl Child (IDGC), October 11,

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