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FGM Scotland

How effective is Scotland’s funded FGM related work?

Published 16 April 2018

The Scottish government spends £2,200,000 on FGM related work

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FGM hype

FGM England

‘FGM’ is not being practiced in the UK

Published 6 December 2017

Good news is reflected in the latest quarterly FGM report

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FGM report 2016-17

Still no UK FGM epidemic

Published 7 July 2017

Commentators often ask in bewilderment

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Basis female circumcision

The Islamic basis for female circumcision

Published 3 July 2017

Millions of women around the world are circumcised.

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Female Circumcision: Where’s the harm?

Published 17 June 2017

A minor genital procedure, objectively viewed

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FGM hype

The NSPCC inundates us with hype about FGM

Published 10 April 2017

Despite little evidence to back it up, the NSPCC

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FGM London

FGM UK. Prevalence

How prevalent is FGM in the UK really?

Published 15 February 2017

Monday Feb 6th was apparently FGM Awareness Day,

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Acton FGM clinic closure