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Evangelical approach to FGM

Bristol FGM trial

Another ‘FGM’ wild goose chase

Published 24 Feb 2018

Yesterday (22 February 2018) a Somali man

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Parental rights and child circumcision

Female Circumcision: Consent and Parental Rights

Published 21 Feb 2018

Parents’ rights to consent for their children

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Zac Goldsmith FGM expert

Zac Goldsmith, an authority on FGM?

Published 14 Feb 2018

Earlier today, BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour

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FGM: Prosecution Rates

FGM: Prosecution Rates

Zero Tolerance for FGM: Winning battles but losing wars

Published 7 Feb 2018

Essay. February 6th 2018 was #MeTooFGM day.

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Female circumcision to be put on trial

A religious ritual to be tried in the U.S.

Published 2 Feb 2018

On 14 January 2018, a federal judge in Detroit, Michigan,

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