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£375,000 FGM awareness raising

£375,000 being wasted on FGM awareness raising

Published 29 March 2019

I wish the Communities Secretary, Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP had objectively reviewed

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Islam TV FGM Women's AM

How much of a problem is FGM in the UK?

Published 14 March 2019

The recent FGM trial at the Old Bailey where a mother was convicted

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FGM trial Guilty verdict

Bristol FGM safeguarding became stigmatising

Somali experience of FGM safeguarding in Bristol

Published 11 March 2019

The trauma, victimisation and sense of disempowerment that Bristol Somalis

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FGM data misquoted

FGM stuck in a rut

FGM: People have moved on. Why don’t campaigners?

Published 4 March 2019

Although families and communities who may have or used to practice FGM have moved on,

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