FGM/C Shifting Sands

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Moral relativism vs judgement

Moral relativism, moral judgements and FGM

Published 20 April 2017

Few contemporary social theorists have shown

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FGM parties UK

UK FGM parties hoax reached Sweden

Published 13 March 2017

In December 2016, several news media

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Clitoral pricking/FGM

The FGM panic is a danger to women

Published 7 February 2017

Crusaders are turning African migrants into objects of suspicion

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Ghana FGM decline

Anthropologist explores decline of FGM in Ghana

Published 9 December 2016

In the global campaign against FGM, many activists

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Anti-circumcision zealotry

The bigotry of the anti-circumcision zealots

Published 22 November 2016

ESSAY: Today’s campaigning against circumcision is so dogmatic

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Gross-out feminism

Gross-out feminism is just plain gross

Published 7 October 2016

The new feminism’s focus on the body is a step backwards.

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Reframing the Debate on FGM

Mandatory submission of FGM data is a mess

FGM reporting provisions are woefully misconceived

Published 5 October 2015

Mandatory submission of patient information about FGM:

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Collecting patient identifiable data is unethical?

FGM patient identifiable data collection breaches confidentiality?

Published 13 August 2015

Is the NHS collection of patient identifiable data of women with FGM

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FGM feminist crusade

FGM Crusade: With Feminists Like This, Who Needs Misogynists?

Published 24 June 2015

Anti-FGM campaigning is doing violence to women’s rights.

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