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Bondo/Sande initiation in Sierra Leone

Women’s Empowerment in Sierra Leone’s Sande/Bondo Society

Published 10 August 2016

It is rare to come across an article that describes why and how girls are initiated in societies that practice female circumcision, where the latter is part of the important rite of passage that initiates undergo in order to have membership of the institution conferred.

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Yes, I am unapologetically passionate about Bondo and Sande so anti-FGM activists be ready.

Published 17 June 2015

By Dr Fuambai Sia Ahmadu

What I want to highlight today speaks specifically to Rev Kabs-Kanu’s preamble to my article (here). In terms of the country’s record in promoting women’s sociopolitical empowerment, we will leave this for another day and another blog. But I can respond to the good Reverend’s remarks about Bondo/Sande and female circumcision in Sierra Leone today.

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