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FGM NHS data

FGM data being misquoted to mislead public

Published 15 September 2018

In Sky TV News’ film clip about the mythical FGM ‘cutting season’

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FGM facts irrelevant

FGM facts were irrelevant in 2016

Published 14 December 2016

Campaigners and crusaders against FGM face a dilemma

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FGM data inaccurate unreliable

FGM NHS data is neither accurate nor reliable

Published 6 April 2016

It will take the NHS 25 years, at this rate,

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FGM moral crusade

The FGM moral crusade is anti-humanist

Published 8 March 2016

International Women’s Day affords an opportunity to consider

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Few FGM referrals to Police

Police disappointment at few FGM referrals

Published 12 February 2016

A London Metropolitan Police Service’s Project Azure

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FGM: I'm not mutilated