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All women to be questioned about FGM

One FGM Question for women accessing the NHS

Published 1 August 2023

Soon all women accessing NHS care in the UK may be asked whether they’ve been subjected to FGM.

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CrimeStoppers FGM

Crimestoppers’ FGM Snitchers’ Campaign

Published 5 July 2021

In June, the charity CrimeStoppers issued a briefing advertising that it would run a targeted FGM social media campaign and community engagement work

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The moral licensing of FGM actors

The moral licensing of FGM actors

Published 18 July 2019

I’ve recently come across the term ‘moral licensing’ and think it usefully explains how and why actors in the FGM industry behave as they do.

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Migration results in opposition to FGM

Brexit and FGM: Migration reduces incidence

Published 28 May 2019

While the Brexit Party’s success dominates the agenda, and the Prime Minister prepares to leave Downing St., 

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FGM panic

The FGM panic: a danger to women and girls

Published 15 September 2017

In recent years, the campaign against FGM has won near universal support.

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Narcissism & genital enhancement

The narcissism of female genital enhancement

Published 14 August 2017

The lecture, Narcissism and identity-determinism helped explain why we’ve become so absorbed with changing our bodies and why young, western women are increasingly opting for genital enhancements.

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