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FGM/C panic has prompted a witch-hunt

Published 11 June 2015 Associated Categories What critics think
FGM Controversy

In this Institute of Ideas podcast, Bríd Hehir argues that the panic stirred up over FGM/C criminalises families. It has also prompted a witch-hunt against doctors and parents. She suggests that the Crown Prosecution Service, in bringing Dr Dharmasena’s case to trial, was politically motivated.

She ventures that the anti-FGM/C campaigns may even be damaging to practitioners by undermining confidence in their clinical practice. And that the campaigns against FGM/C may be doing more harm than good.  

Listen to the podcast here


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About the Author -

Bríd is a retired health professional. She started her career as a nurse and midwife in Africa where she worked for almost four years. She encountered FGM/C in Ethiopia. She then moved to London where she worked in the National Health Service as a midwife, community nurse, health visitor, reproductive and sexual health nurse and manager over a period of 30 years. She did not encounter FGM/C during that time despite working with immigrant communities who are reported to practice it still. She is puzzled by the current reported prevalence of the practice, the official response and associated activism. And is worried that they might cause more harm than good.


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