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90% +of ‘FGM’ seen in NHS was genital piercing in adults

UK FGM Law, Prosecutions, Convictions, Protection Orders, Mandatory Reporting

FGM Law, Trials, Prosecutions, Convictions, Protection Orders and Mandatory Reporting

Published 14 May 2024


Until the 1980s, FGM was widely known in English as “female circumcision”,

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The Gambia's contestation of female circumcision ban

The Gambia contests female circumcision (FGM) ban

Published 4 April 2024

The Gambia in west African has become the centre of international concern in regard to female circumcision,

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Police secure a conviction for FGM occurring abroad

Police secure UK conviction for FGM occurring in Kenya

Published 8 March 2024

A British mother has been jailed for allowing her daughter to undergo FGM in Kenya.

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