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Airport FGM Hunting

FGM: Trophy Hunting at British Airports

Published 16 September 2016

Like trophy hunters in search of elective game, members of Operation Limelight, policed some of England’s busiest airports recently,

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FGM: moral crusade

FGM: moral crusaders on the march

Published 6 November 2015

This BBC recorded discussion from July 2014 was held mainly among women who had undergone FGM as well as campaigners against the practice.

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Why are politicians interested in FGM/C?

Why are politicians so interested in FGM/C?

Published 6 July 2015

FGM/C is an issue that enjoys unprecedented, unquestioned, cross-party political support.

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FGM feminist crusade

FGM Crusade: With Feminists Like This, Who Needs Misogynists?

Published 24 June 2015

Anti-FGM campaigning is doing violence to women’s rights.

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