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21st century 'FGM'?

There is no place for ‘FGM’ in the 21st Century?

Published 15 January 2016

Fuambai Sia Ahmadu’s responds to the discussion on FGM between herself and Nimco Ali, Director of Daughters of Eve on BBC HARDtalk 

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FGM and freedom

FGM campaigns: advancing the cause of freedom?

Published 20 November 2015

How do you rate in these two tests regarding advancing the cause of freedom and liberty? How well do you think anti-FGM campaigners fare? Listen as Jan Macvarish asks whether our politics takes us towards or away from freedom. 

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FGM witch hunt

FGM campaigns

Fear, loathing and FGM

Published 12 July 2015

Intense efforts have been made over the past few years to raise public awareness about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

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