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Scrap FGM law

Why the law against FGM should be scrapped

Published 15 November 2017

Causing grievous bodily harm, including mutilation, has been outlawed in the UK

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FGMPO's: Who benefits?

FGM Protection Orders: Who benefits?

Published 7 August 2017

‘Female genital mutilation’ (FGM), no matter the type or severity,

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FGM law is marred with sexism and racism

FGM legislation is too weak and too strong?

Published 19 January 2017

An interesting and timely paper written by Dr Arianne Shahvisi was published recently.

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How effective are FGM laws?

Published 24 November 2016

Little light was shed but a number of myths were perpetuated and remained unchallenged

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Few FGM referrals to Police

Police disappointment at few FGM referrals

Published 12 February 2016

A London Metropolitan Police Service’s Project Azure representative

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FGM & Criminal Law

Role of the Criminal Law in Anti-FGM Campaigns

Published 25 January 2016

Criminalisation may not be the best means of stopping FGM

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FGM PID submission

PID submission: FGM now, what next?

Published 14 November 2015

The government has done much to tackle female genital mutilation (FGM), 1, 2, 3 but the planned rollout of FGM Enhanced Data Collection across the NHS in October 2015 is ill considered.

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Repeal FGM mandatory reporting duty

Repeal the FGM mandatory reporting law

Published 4 November 2015

A new duty under the Serious Crime Act 2015 is making it compulsory for regulated professionals to report cases of FGM in under 18 year old girls direct to the police.

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FGM cases dropped

Outrage as FGM cases are dropped

Published 27 August 2015

Since 1985, FGM has been a crime. It’s estimated that around 65,000 girls in the UK are at risk of this brutal and barbaric practice, that can lead to pain, infertility and even death.

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Junior doctor treated as a criminal

Junior doctor treated as a criminal for doing his job

Published 13 August 2015

How can we eradicate fear in the NHS when a junior doctor is treated as a criminal for trying to do his job?

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