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FGM/FC: A civilising mission?

FGM India

Khafz – is it being exaggerated by activists?

Published 20 November 2017

Thirty three year old Batul Mohammed is a busy housewife,

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UK FGM industry

Questioning the basis for the UK FGM ‘industry’

Published 25 September 2017

When a rare crime like FGM is considered a hidden one, injustice results.

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Khafz’ performed for religious purity

Norway banning circumcision would be an attack on religious freedom

Banning circumcision: an attack on religious freedom

Published 11 May 2017

The Progress Party, Norway’s third-largest political party, recently backed a bill

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Moral relativism vs judgement

Moral relativism, moral judgements and FGM

Published 20 April 2017

Few contemporary social theorists have shown as acute and political a grasp of social reality as Steven Lukes,

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FGM parties UK

UK FGM parties hoax reached Sweden

Published 13 March 2017

Sara Johnsdotter and Birgitta Essén

In December 2016, several news media (for example, BBC News and The Independent) reported that midwives were being flown into the country to attend “FGM parties” on British soil.

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Clitoral pricking/FGM

The FGM panic is a danger to women

Published 7 February 2017

Crusaders are turning African migrants into objects of suspicion.

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FGM can be meaningful

Anthropologist explores decline of FGM in Ghana

Published 9 December 2016

In the global campaign against FGM, many activists aggressively condemn cutting while depicting it as an intractable problem. 

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Anti-circumcision zealotry

The bigotry of the anti-circumcision zealots

Published 22 November 2016

ESSAY: Today’s campaigning against circumcision is so dogmatic and intolerant it makes the old religions look enlightened in comparison.

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