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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Support for women with FGM

FGM: women should be better supported

Published 17 December 2016

Bríd Hehir suggest changes in the way women are supported and cared for.

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FGM facts irrelevant

FGM facts were irrelevant in 2016

Published 14 December 2016

Campaigners and crusaders against FGM face a dilemma each time official data are published

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FGM can be meaningful

Anthropologist explores decline of FGM in Ghana

Published 9 December 2016

In the global campaign against FGM, many activists aggressively condemn cutting while depicting it as an intractable problem. 

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Access to FGM patient information is inadequate

Access to FGM patient information is inadequate

Published 5 December 2016

NHS recording and centralising sensitive, patient-identifiable, FGM data has been of concern to professionals and some members of the public since the process began in April 2015.

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